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NPR: Pi Music
The new book by Michael Frame and Amelia Urry entitled "Fractal Worlds - Grown, Built, and Imagined" (Yale University Press) features research by Harlan Brothers on fractal structure in music.
NPR: Pi Music
The new issue of ChildArt, called "Why Music Matters," features an article by Harlan Brothers called "Music & Mathematics: Cosmic Twins." ChildArt is the publication of The International Child Art Foundation.
NPR: Pi Music
The algorithmic composition "100 Seconds of Pi" by Harlan Brothers was recently featured on NPR's "Engines of Our Ingenuity," produced by Andy Boyd at the University of Houston.
Benoit Mandelbrot - A Life in Many Dimensions
Benoit Mandelbrot, the father of fractal geometry, always had a strong sense that music could be viewed from a fractal perspective.  However, without our eyes to guide us, how do we gain this perspective? A book chapter by Harlan Brothers, entitled "The Nature of Fractal Music," provides answers along with original research.  The work appears in Benoit Mandelbrot - A Life in Many Dimensions, edited by Michael Frame and Nathan Cohen (World Scientific Publishing, May 2015).  Here is supplementary material.
PNAS: Fractal Music
Science writer Stephen Ornes writes about Harlan Brothers' research on fractal geometry in the music of Johann Sebastian Bach in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
Data-Conditioned Encryption Method
Brothers Technology's latest patent, No. 8,712,040, has issued.  The Data-Conditioned Encryption Method provides a provably secure means for communicating sensitive information.  The method is algebraically distinct from the one-time pad and places a lower load on CPU resources than the current encryption standard, AES.  Its novel use of equal-weight hamming codes can be implemented in a wide range of computing environments.
Pascal's Prism
"Pascal's Prism" appears in the July 2012 issue of the The Mathematical Gazette.  Using the universal constant of nature, e, the paper, by Harlan Brothers, derives a 3-dimensional extension of Pascal's triangle.  This new mathematical object serves to describe and unite a wide range of combinatoric number sequences.  A description, along with supplementary material, can be found here.
Pascal's triangle and e
"Pascal's Triangle: The Hidden Stor-e" appears in the March 2012 issue of the journal The Mathematical Gazette.  The paper, by Harlan Brothers, reveals a fundamental relation between two of the favorite subjects of mathematicians through the centuries: Pascal's triangle and the base of the natural logarithm, e.
A State-funded $30K matching grant is now available through the Small Business Innovation and Diversification Program to manufacture Brothers Technology's patented Postlite™ Interior Mailbox Light.
Pascal's Triangle
"Finding e in Pascal’s Triangle" appears in the February 2012 issue of Mathematics Magazine.  Written by Harlan Brothers, it provides a brief version of his discovery and proof of the underlying presence of e in Pascal's triangle.
IBM: Fractal music by Harlan Brothers
The fractal compositon "Brecker 8" is now featured on IBM's website. The music by Harlan Brothers and accompanying video by Teja Krasek appears as selection number 6 in the section entitled "Fractals in culture and society."
Pascal's triangle and e
"Benoit Mandelbrot: Educator" has been accepted by World Scientific Publishing for its memorial book in honor of the father of fractal geometry.  The paper, by colleagues Nial Neger and Harlan Brothers, discusses Mandelbrot's devotion to education and their collective collaboration with Michael Frame in conducting the Yale Fractal Geometry Workshops. The book "Benoit Mandelbrot: A life in Many Dimensions" is scheduled for release in May of 2015.
Science Writers 2010
Science Writers 2010, hosted at the Yale Peabody Museum, featured a compilation of fractal music in honor of the late Benoit Mandelbrot, produced by Harlan Brothers.
iKandl, the iPhone Birthday App
Brothers Technology launches its latest creation, iKandl™.  iKandl is an interactive, multimedia birthday app for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.  It is now available for download at the iTunes store.  See the latest version of the iKandl Birthday App on YouTube.
Harlan Brothers, Bach, and Fractals
Michael Lawrence's documentary, Bach & Friends had its New York City premier on May 16th and is now available on DVD.  In addition to world-class performances, the film features Harlan Brothers discussing Bach, mathematics, and fractal geometry and includes his animated zoom into the Mandelbrot set.
Fractal music paper published
A new research paper by Harlan Brothers appears in the journal Fractals.  The article, entitled "Intervallic Scaling in the Bach Cello Suites," employs a novel and robust approach to establishing the existence of power-laws in music.
Harlan Brothers was interviewed by filmmaker Michael Lawrence for his upcoming Bach Project, a feature length documentary on the importance of Bach in the 21st century.  Watch an excerpt of the interview about Bach, fractals, and mathematics on YouTube.

pi to e converter
The fall issue of the The AMATYC Review features Harlan Brothers' paper entitled "How to Design Your Own pi to e Converter." The article describes unexpected relationships between the two most famous constants of nature.
Ivars Peterson of the Mathematical Association of America writes in his Mathematical Tourist column about Harlan Brothers and his research relating the work of Bach and Cantor.
Fractal Music Workshops
A sample of Harlan Brothers' recent work in combinatorics is now available at the On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences.  The research deals with the enumeration of runs and rising sequences.
Fractal Music Workshops
Brothers Technology founder, Harlan Brothers, is now offering Fractal Music Workshops to highschools, colleges, and training institutes.  Using the tools of fractal geometry, these workshops offer teachers and students alike the opportunity to explore many of the intimate connections between mathematics and music.
Fractal music paper published
The latest research paper by Harlan Brothers appeared in the World Scientific Publishing journal Fractals (Vol. 15, No. 1, 2007; pages 89–95).  The article, entitled "Structural Scaling in Bach’s Cello Suite No. 3," reveals musical structure related to the Cantor set and helps to establish a rigorous mathematical approach to this new field of fractal music analysis.
EVS patent sold
Brothers Technology's wide-ranging patent for the Event Verification System (EVS) has been sold.  EVS provides a tamper-proof means for establishing the authenticity, time, and place of a digital recording along with a means for communicating this information to a remote location.

The U.S. patent, No. 5,799,083, was bought by a large intellectual property firm.

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